four seasons resort chiang mai wedding | katie & tim

I first met Katie and Tim at their wonderful apartment in the heart of Bangkok. I remember walking into their place and coming face-to-face with a wall covered from floor to ceiling with framed photographs of themselves and family and friends. I knew right then, that Katie and Tim understood the importance of photographs. They instinctively *got* it.

Thirty minutes turned into an hour. By the time I left I knew I had to book these guys. Their wedding was going to have it all. I was itching to photograph it.

Location: the sublime Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai in northern Thailand, a destination wedding photographer’s dream. Check

Duration: two nights, three days. Check

Activities: golfing with the lads and elephant jungle trekking. Check

Ceremony: a welcome dinner on the first night, an early morning giving of alms ceremony to a gathering of monks and of course, a Thai wedding ceremony. Check

Guests: an incredible group of friends and family flying in from all over the world. Check

Who wouldn’t want to photograph a wedding like this?

I didn’t get my hopes up though. What will be, will be.

Two weeks later I received a phone call from Katie.