Christchurch Wedding Photographer - The Wet Weather Plan

Christchurch wedding photographer As a Christchurch wedding photographer, there is a question I always ask my wedding clients during the planning phase: what is your wet weather plan?

The responses to this question are varied, but usually fit into one of two categories.

First up is the 'it won't happen to us' approach, which I like to call the Hail Mary Wet Weather Plan.

While I would never recommend such an approach, I have had a couple who pulled this off. Just days out from their wedding, the forecast was for a cold, wet weather. Talking with them, I asked what the wet weather plan was going to be? The response: it'll be okay, we'll just roll with it. It should clear up.

On the day it dawned wet and overcast. By the time we left the bride's house for the journey to the ceremony, it was a hot and sunny. Though I couldn't believe their good fortune, I wasn't complaining. Hot, sunny weather versus cold, wet and miserable? That's a no-brainer.

The second approach is the 'if it rains, we'll move the ceremony into the marquee we have rented.' I like to call this the Boy Scout Wet Weather Plan.

Couples that answer with a plan B are clearly rationale people or former boy scouts / girl guides, who are happy to entertain the reality of a wet wedding day.

If you subscribe to the Hail Mary Wet Weather Plan, then just trust me on this. When it comes to a once-in-a-lifetime event like your wedding day, don't let the weather potentially ruin your day. If you are having an outdoor ceremony, come up with a plan B during the planning phase.

Not only will it keep your stress levels down on the day, it'll help keep you and your guests dry.