Wedding Photography: Cakes

You are going to laugh, but one of the things I love about wedding photography is finding the cake and taking some photos of it. Visually I love wedding cakes because they are always so different. Prior to each wedding reception, I make a point of entering the reception area and finding the cake for some photos. I love the moment when I come around a corner and discover the cake. It's a ha-HA moment, that reveals to me a little bit of the personality of the bride and groom.

I love the bride and groom icons that couple's put on top of their wedding cakes these days - they are so cool! Then there are the knives supplied to cut the cakes - some are like swords out of the Middle Ages.

While I have always photographed the wedding cake by itself, I make a point these days to take a straight on vertical photo of the wedding cake at every wedding I do.


Because they look really great visually when paired with other wedding cakes, as I've done below. And they look great paired with another detail photograph in a wedding book.

Some other quirky things I realised while pulling a few wedding cake photos from my image archive for this post:

...I've never eaten a single slice of wedding cake at any of the weddings I've photographed.

...I've photographed a number of weddings that didn't actually have a wedding cake.

...(Thankfully) I've never seen a wedding cake get accidentally knocked over at a wedding.

Long live the wedding cake in all its glory.

 Wedding photography cakes.Wedding photography cakes.Wedding photography cakes.