Wanderlust | Part 3

Wanderlust | Part 3

[For the back story on these photos, see Wanderlust | Part 1 and Wanderlust | Part 2 ].

It always amazes me how something as simple as crossing a border between two countries, can represent such a huge change in the people, food and culture of a place.

That is exactly what happened when my wife and I crossed from Turkey into Georgia. Gone was the easy, clean transport of Turkey. Gone was the amazing food of Turkey, seemingly available at every cafe / restaurant. Gone was the easy to find accommodation, with helpful hosts.

While Georgia was different to Turkey, we still managed to have a great time travelling across the country, as we continued on our journey east towards China.

These photos show: Batumi on the Black Sea; lifeguards on the Black Sea; ferris wheel at night; man selling prints for $5 USD each; a Lada in action, the Central Asian vehicle of choice; myself and our driver John (his generosity was as big as him); overnight trek in the Caucasus Mountains; Tbilisi market (including real bear skins); Kazbegi village and mountain and lastly, a self portrait of two tired people, after a long day in the mountains. We are having dinner in an abandoned park, in Kazbegi village.

[Next week’s post: Azerbaijan]