Events: World Buskers Festival Christchurch

World Buskers Festival ChristchurchOne of the great things about living in Christchurch is the fact it is home to the World Buskers Festival. Yep, that's right - the World Buskers Festival.

I'm not sure why Christchurch has the honour of hosting the festival each year, I'm just glad it does.

Situated two blocks from where I live, the festival is in the northern corner of Hagley Park. The festival runs each year in January and as you'd expect has a pretty amazing number of acts.

Last night, Jane  (the missus) and I watched two shows - Mullet Man, followed by the incredible Camp Chaos circus show (iPhone picture at right). Mullet Man is $2 at the door, while Camp Chaos is a donation after the show. Given how good an act it was, Jane and I chipped in $30 post-performance.

So if you are ever in Christchurch in January, try and time it with the World Buskers Festival - you won't be disappointed.