Wanderlust | Part 2

Wanderlust | Part 2

[For the back story on these photos, see Wanderlust | Part 1 ].

These photos are from our time in Turkey. In order of appearance: Istanbul Turkey, the gardens of stone in Gallipoli, the ancient ruins of Ephesus, a multi-day sea kayaking trip along the stunning Turquoise Coast (huge shout out to Dean and his company Seven Capes for providing us with the gear we needed & logistical support), ballooning in Cappadocia, an old fort on one of the old Silk Road routes (near the border with Georgia). 

[Next weeks post: Georgia].

Istanbul Turkey

Istanbul Turkey I had always wanted to do a big trip. Something long, with little in the way of planning.

A couple of years ago I did just that with my wife Jane. We took the year off and travelled overland from Istanbul Turkey to Shanghai China. We had light backpacks (I had a 42-litre backpack for the entire trip) and our goal was to travel overland - by any means - until we got to Shanghai. We had no itinerary and no plan, beyond heading eastwards.

By the time we rolled into Shanghai China, we had travelled from Istanbul Turkey, down through the Aegean Sea (crossing into the Greek Islands), back into Turkey, through Georgia, through Azerbaijan, over the Caspian Sea to Kazakhstan, into Kyrgyzstan, across the Tien Shen Mountains into Kashi in western China, then across China to Shanghai.

Istanbul is my new favourite city in the world. Such incredible history, great food and wonderful people.

Turkish man holding a glass of partly finished Turkish tea outside the Spice Bazaar, Istanbul, Turkey.