Aitutaki Island Part I - Personal Work

Aitutaki Island Part I - Personal Work In 2010 I was incredibly fortunate to live on Rarotonga Island in the Cook Islands for a year. During our year-long stay, we decided to take a holiday in the very idyllic Aitutaki Island.

Outside of Rarotonga, Aitutaki is the most visited island and for good reason - it is simply stunning. Combine that with a laid back vibe and super friendly locals and you have what I consider a must-visit destination in the Pacific.

Aitutaki's jewel is its lagoon.

At the time, it was being called the best lagoon in the world by various people on Trip Advisor and other travel outlets. Having lived in the Maldives for two-years, which is renowned for its lagoons and world class atoll formations, Jane and I were a bit skeptical. We figured there was only one way to really know, so we booked our inter-island flights on Air Rarotonga

Mid-way through our stay I booked us on a lagoon cruise, complete with three snorkelling stops, a BBQ lunch stop and the obligatory stop on One-Foot Island - the most photographed island in the Cooks.

Much to our surprise, the lagoon didn't disappoint. In fact, it was the exact opposite. We were blown away by the scale and sheer beauty of the lagoon and the deserted islands. As for the snorkelling, it was world class. The water was gin clear and the fish were plentiful. Our second snorkelling spot featured Giant Clams dotting the sandy floor. As for lunch, it was a true island feast. The kicker of course was walking around One Foot Island, the very image of what an idyllic tropical island should look like.

Yep, Aitutaki Island is something else. Can't wait to return.

Until then, here are some photos from our week on Aitutaki Island.

Aitutaki IslandAitutaki Island.