Rakaia Country Wedding - Sneak Peek | Cally & Matt's Wedding

Rakaia Country Wedding - Sneak Peek | Cally & Matt's Wedding

I first spoke to Cally and Matt over Skype, as they were working in Western Australia at the time. They were returning to New Zealand to have their wedding at their parent's property down near the Rakaia River, in south Canterbury.

They were having a true DIY wedding, and as a result were only really spending money on the photography. Their brief to me was very clear: they wanted documentary style wedding photographs, with just a few bridal party photos.

DIY weddings are pretty special for me, in part because my wife Jane and I, had a DIY wedding ourselves. There is something really wonderful about family and friends coming together to help set up, then celebrate a couple's weddings. This day was no different. 

When I arrived dad was just finishing mowing the lawn where the ceremony would be and friends were adding the final touches to the reception marquee, they had set up on the lawn.

By the time the reception came around I was due to leave, but when the family invited me to stay for lunch, I couldn't say no. Though I was paid for my services, I did take some extra images of the reception as a way of saying thank you for their hospitality.

[In the fourth photo, Matt isn't blinking - he is choking back tears.]