Gallipoli Peninsula - Personal Work

Gallipoli Peninsula - Personal Work. A little over a year ago, Jane and myself found ourselves in Istanbul Turkey. While planning what to do with our time in Turkey, Jane said 'why don't we go and visit Gallipoli?'.

A couple of days later we took the ferry from the mainland over to Gallipoli Peninsula proper and began a two-day trip exploring the many memorial sites.

To be honest, I found walking around Gallipoli Peninsula incredibly sad. It's the paradox of it all. To stand in such a beautiful location and know tens of thousand of men died in that spot, is well...hard to comprehend.

Even now as I look at these photos, I find it hard to convey the feeling of the place.

As hard as it was to take photos of such a sad place, I'm glad I did. And I'm glad we visited Gallipoli.

Tomorrow is ANZAC Day. Lest we forget.


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