Christchurch Wedding Photographer FAQ - Formal Family Photos

Christchurch wedding photographerAs a Christchurch wedding photographer, one of the questions I'm asked from time-to-time by prospective clients is this: Do I mind if guests take photographs during the wedding?

My answer is two-fold.

I have no problems with guests taking photos during the wedding day, with one exception. The formal family photos.

The formal family photos are the group photos containing a pre-determined list of family and closest friends. The thing about these photos is they are important to get, but on the wedding day no one ever wants to be a part of them.

Now the problem with guests taking photos while I'm taking the formal family photos is the fact that when there is more than one camera present, the people in the photos don't know which camera they should be looking at.

The result?

Formal family photos with people looking in various directions, but not at my camera (remember, I'm the actual wedding photographer here and you get all the formal photos, which you can then share with guests). As a result, the formal family photos can look a bit kooky for the simple fact that people are not all looking at my camera.

There is one other exception that I haven't mentioned...if you have a guest like the young photographer in this video clip. And just so you get the joke in the video, David Bailey is a famous British photographer who has worked for Vogue. And no, I don't use a camera like the old guy wedding photographer...nor do I dress like him.


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