Family portraits - Hayley, Ben, Izzy, Arthur and Lucy

Family portraits. I first met Hayley when I was twenty-two. I had recently moved to the Blue Mountains or the Bluey's as most people call the place, because I loved the outdoors and I was fanatical about rock climbing. I didn't really know what I was going to do with my life, but I knew in the short-term I wanted to climb and to meet like-minded people. Moving to the Bluey's seemed like the logical thing to do.

I met Hayley through some of my new mutual friends. Three months after arriving in the Bluey's, Hayley, myself and another woman - Cara - decided to rent a house together in Katoomba.

Our house was this big old style guest house. High ceilings, wide corridors and great rooms. It was a wonderful house in summer and it always seemed to be filled with friends and friends of friends passing through on their travels. We had a lot of laughs and good times in that house.

I met Izzy two-weeks after she was born. I was the first person to hold Izzy other than medical staff and family members. I remember holding Izzy and looking down at this little bundle and being amazed at how small she was. Hayley took a polaroid of me holding Izzy and for years it was on a noticeboard at her place. A couple of years' back I asked Hayley if she still had it, but alas it is no more.

I can't really remember when I met Ben, which I find odd given how strong our friendship is. We've had some great adventures together, climbing some of the more obscure multi-pitch rock routes in the Grose Valley and ticking off a host of slot canyons. Like a lot of people in the Blue Mountains, Ben was always up for an adventure.

I met Arthur when he was about two-years old. Like most kids that age, he wasn't so sure of a complete stranger. Fast forward a couple of years and we are now good buddies. Even more so, after I gave him a lego set for his birthday.

It's been eighteen years since I moved into that house with Hayley. Though I've been criss-crossing the globe for the last decade, I always make a point of having a layover in Sydney every 18-months or so, and heading to the Bluey's for a week. Hayley and Ben are like family now and whenever the opportunity arises, we take some family portraits for the family album.

That opportunity presented itself last October, when we woke to falling snow.


family portraitsfamily portraitsfamily portraits

Family portraits Christchurch - Josie & Josh Part II

Family portraits Christchurch - Josie and Josh Part II The plan was simple enough, head to Brighton beach late afternoon and create some photos of Josie and Josh before they headed over to South East Asia for a couple of months.

Nature had other ideas though.

While the light was good, there was a howling north-easter blowing and as anyone at Brighton can tell you, the beach isn't that pleasant when it's windy.

As you can tell, we went ahead and I'm glad we did.

It's always a lot of fun photographing high energy, hipster couples.

family portraits christchurchfamily portraits christchurchfamily portraits christchurch

Family portraits Christchurch - Josie & Josh

Family portraits Christchurch - Josie & Josh. Josie and Josh are two hipsters from Christchurch. We squeezed this photo shoot in just before they left for a 3-month trip to South-East Asia. Their first stop? Thailand.

Given I called Bangkok home for two-years, we had plenty to talk about on the drive out to South Brighton Beach.

This image is my favourite photo from the shoot.

It's a good reminder to stop every now and again, grab the person you love and give them a kiss.

Life is short - don't miss the moments in between.

family portraits christchurch


Family portraits Christchurch - Krystal & Shane

Family portraits Christchurch. Young kids are the ultimate test of an on-location family portrait photographer.

Don't believe me? Then consider the following...

Young kids couldn't care less if their parents have arranged for a photographer to turn up and take some family photos.

Young kids aren't fooled by any stranger with a camera (that's the photographer by the way), trying to get said kid to do what the photographer wants.

Young kids have their own concept about time and what they want to do with it.

Young kids will take any object you give them - let's say an acorn - and promptly pop it in their mouth. Instant choking hazard anyone?

When it comes to photographing young kids with their family, I have one rule - keep the young one's happy and the rest will take care of itself.

Young kids are inherently cool. They have a natural innocence and a curiosity about the world around them, which I find refreshing.

Kids grow up fast. Really fast.

Don't miss this time in their lives to get some on-location family portraits.


family portraits Christchurchfamily portraits Christchurch