Christchurch Wedding Photographer - Photographing the Reception

Since returning to Christchurch to set up my wedding photography business, I've looked at a lot of Christchurch wedding photographer web sites to gain an insight into what type of coverage photographers are offering clients. And do you know what I've noticed?

The majority of Christchurch wedding photographers either finish up shooting prior to the reception or cover just the start of the reception, which typically includes a fake cake cut.

All of which means, you the client, is missing out on photographic coverage that I would argue you should get.

When I first began photographing weddings in Christchurch, I was like the herd. I arrived on-location usually an hour prior to the ceremony, did some pre-ceremony photographs; then covered the ceremony before doing some bride and groom shots; before heading to the reception. At the reception I'd cover some speeches (if they were prior to the meals) and then do a fake cake cut before leaving.

As I photographed more weddings I changed my approach to my match my visual story telling philosophy, which can be described as documentary wedding photography.

Instead of leaving at the start of the reception, I stayed on. I did away with fake cake cuts, I began photographing the first dance, guests' letting off steam during the post-wedding party and the real cake cut.

Staying on to photograph the reception has allowed me to photograph the real moments as they happen. The thing about real moments is this - they can't be scripted, they can't be faked and they can't be planned.

Real moments will happen throughout your reception, so if you hire a photographer who is going to leave before the reception or at the start of the reception, you are missing out on a lot of great photographs of your wedding day.

Hire me and I'll be there to capture those unscripted moments, which every wedding reception has...

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