Novotel Hotel Christchurch - Quiet Wedding Moments

Novotel Hotel Christchurch - Quiet Wedding Moments I married Jane in 2007 on the roof top at Kandalama Hotel in Sri Lanka. While that was over 6-years ago now, I remember the day as if it was yesterday.

Prior to our ceremony, I along with three friends spent the morning mountain biking in the local area. Despite getting a little lost, we managed to get back in time for my wedding ceremony. An hour before it kicked off, we started getting ready. I wore a Sri Lankan sarong and a beautiful hand made shirt from Barefoot in Colombo. I was ready twenty minutes before the wedding ceremony. And that is when the nervousness and anticipation kicked in.

If you are married, you will know this feeling. It is the feeling that you are about to experience something really big in your life.

The closest I've come to experiencing that feeling since, was at the birth of our daughter Holly. The feeling is one of being totally calm, but being hyper alert at the same time. It's a difficult feeling to describe in words.

Yet every time I walk into a room to photograph a groom or a bride getting ready prior to their wedding ceremony, I know that the person in front of me is experiencing something similar. And part of that experience is the quiet moments you have with yourself as you are getting ready. They are moments when the weight of the world drops away from you; when the preparations that have led you to this point have been done; when there is nothing left to do, but be totally present.

Novotel Hotel Christchurch

Photograph of Aimee at the Novotel Hotel Christchurch, prior to her wedding ceremony.