Maternity photography Christchurch - Just in Time

Maternity photography - it's a bit different to photographing Christchurch weddings, but I was hip to the idea of doing my first maternity photographs when I received a call from my friend Jenny. Originally I proposed doing some outdoor on-location shots, but Jen had a clear idea of what she wanted - more artistic photos against a white or black background. I've got a bag full of lights that I use for commercial photography work, so providing some on-location lighting for maternity photographs was no problem.

Though I hadn't photographed a pregnant woman before, I knew from my research that the key to producing really good maternity photography is to wait until about month eight, when the belly is really starting to bulge. If you are going to photograph a woman pregnant, wait until they are really pregnant for the best shots.

We did the shoot at Jenny's place. Set up the black back drop, the lights and got down to creating some photographs. All went well.

Then during the night, an interesting thing happened - Jenny's water broke.

Next morning she and her man left for the hospital and a few hours later gave birth to a little girl, Claire.

Maternity photographs one day, a baby girl the next.

It took all of us by surprise.


Maternity photography christchurch