Lake Tekapo Wedding - Have you got the rings?

Lake Tekapo Wedding - Have you got the rings?

One of the things that keeps me interested in weddings, is the simple fact that every wedding is totally different to the last. 

Take this little wedding I photographed down in Lake Tekapo a while back. The couple - Candice & Jenghis - booked me as their Lake Tekapo wedding photographer, after a Skype call to see if I was the right fit for their special day. Not long after, they flew out to Christchurch from Singapore, before renting some cars and driving to Lake Tekapo for their wedding at The Church of the Good Shepherd. 

The day I arrived, it was overcast but calm. By the time I arrived at The Church of the Good Shepherd, the car park was nearly full with visiting tourists and the actual church was cordoned off from visitors, so Candice & Jenghis could have their wedding ceremony without being interrupted. 

Fast forward to the actual wedding. Jenghis is at the alter, waiting for Candice to enter the church with her father. Their small group of family and friends are seated, waiting to watch the ceremony, when suddenly someone asks "have you got the rings?". 

After everyone checks their pockets, bags and the car in the car park, a guest ducks back to their rental house to find the rings. Twenty minutes later, they re-appear at the church with both rings. Turns out they had been accidentally left on the ironing board as everyone was walking out the door. 

If you are having a Lake Tekapo Wedding and love my wedding photography, then drop me a line. I'd love to talk with you about your wedding day photography requirements.