Digital Memories, Technology and You

I received an email out of the blue the other day from a previous wedding client. I had photographed her wedding at the beautiful Langdale Vineyard, just west of Christchurch, some three years ago.

She was writing, as since receiving her hi-res photos on a DVD, she hadn’t actually backed them up to another device and she could no longer access the photos on the DVD (that’s the thing about DVD’s and technology - they don’t last forever).

Fortunately, I have a copy of every single wedding I have ever photographed, archived and backed up on my server. Those same photos are also stored off-site on their own hard drives, in the event my office is robbed, flooded or burns to the ground in a fire.

Put simply, I place value on photos and I take the necessary steps to ensure I will have them in decades to come. It is part of my cost of doing business and it is just one thing that separates me from any person with a camera. I can pull your photos from my archive and provide them to you, three years down the track, within 48-hours of you contacting me. There is a small fee to cover my time and hosting costs.

If you have been paying attention, you will have noticed there has been an enormous shift in how we take, consume and share photography in the past decade. Where we once took photos using film with relatively expensive cameras, now anyone with a phone can take a photo and share it instantly with the world, courtesy of the new printing press called the Internet.

And while that has helped make us all content creators and dare I say ‘photographers’, it has also led to a loss in the understanding of the true value of photos.

If you have photos on your digital devices and you haven’t backed them up, please back them up.

Right now.

 Holly on the dune track with her camera, New Brighton, Christchurch, New Zealand.


This photo instantly reminds me of an afternoon I spent with my daughter walking along the beach together. Captured at 1/2500 of a second, this slice of time, is a memento I will have for years to come.