Christchurch Wedding Photographer - Hot Tip #2 The Photographer

As a Christchurch wedding photographer I wanted to provide couple's looking for a wedding photographer with some every day tips to make finding a photographer just a little bit easier. Hot Tip #1 - The Photos is all about what you should look for when viewing a prospective photographer's website. Hot Tip #2 - The Photographer follows on from this.

After determining whether you like a photographer's body of work, I believe the next most important thing to evaluate with your potential photographer is their personality.

The reason for this is simple. Your photographer - particularly if they shoot in a documentary style like myself - will spend a lot of time in and around the bride, groom and immediate family on the wedding day. Whoever you hire as your photographer has to be a person that you feel relaxed being around. Plain and simple.

To gauge a photographer's personality from their website, the first place you should go to is their About Me or Bio page. Whether written in the first person or the third person, this page will speak volumes about the photographer in question.

We've all read the stock standard About Me page. You know it two lines in. It is from the cookie cutter school of About Me pages. A photographer has to write something about themselves and cobbles together a couple of paragraphs, without really taking the opportunity to tell you what really makes them tick.

Good About Me pages have an energy all their own. Not only do they reflect the photographer's passion for life and what they do, the good one's will provide glimpses into the photographer's own life and personality.

A truly great About Me page will clearly reflect the photographer's personality, to the point you feel like you know them in some way.

So if you like a photographer's work and their About Me page treads the fine line of being interesting and insightful, then there is one more thing you need to check before getting in touch with them - their prices.

Check back Monday for Hot Tip #3: Pricing