Christchurch Wedding Photographer - Hot Tip #1 The Photos

If you are a bride and groom looking for a Christchurch wedding photographer, then I feel for you. Since returning to Christchurch and starting my wedding photography business, I have learnt that there are more Christchurch wedding photographers than you can poke a stick at. Head over to Google, type in Christchurch wedding photographer and you'll be presented with 192,000 results, with page after page of photographers offering their wedding services. It seems everyone with a camera wants to be a wedding photographer these days.

As a business owner it is daunting trying to stand out in such a crowded market place. As a bride, it must be equally daunting just trying to find a photographer whose work you like, who sounds like a decent person and whose services are within your price range.

Given this, I want to offer some tips on what to consider when trying to find your wedding photographer.

Tip 1: It Begins with the Photos

The two questions you have to ask yourself when looking at a wedding photographer's work is this:

1. Do I like their wedding photographs? (no-brainer I know, but bear with me)

2. Are the photos on their website the best shots picked from a variety of weddings or does the photographer show 20+ images from a single wedding?

It's true, question 1 is a no-brainer. If you are looking at a photographer's site and you don't like their photography, then keep on searching. Easy.

If you do like the photographer's wedding photos, then it is time to be a bit more critical of what you are looking at.

The trend with Christchurch wedding photographers is to cherry pick the best photos from each wedding and present these as a wedding portfolio. The only problem with this approach is that it doesn't give you a good understanding of how that photographer photographs an entire wedding day.

It is because of this, that I currently have a variety of weddings on display. Each wedding day story helps show you how I think visually and the type of work I will create for you. This is a far better way of gauging the type of photographs I am likely to produce for you, than just seeing the best shots picked from a variety of different weddings.

If you are looking at a photographers site and they only show their best of shots from a variety of weddings, all rolled into one portfolio, then ask to see a sample (30+ images) from a wedding they have photographed.

Check back tomorrow for Hot Tip #2 - The Photographer.