Christchurch wedding photographer - Hot Tip #5 Meeting the Photographer

Christchurch wedding photographer - it's probably a keyword string you never want to see again. After spending hours scouring Google and professional photographer sites like WPJA and NZIPP, you've finally shortlisted two or three Christchurch wedding photographers for your big day. You love their photographic work, they sound like decent people from their web sites and as far as you can tell, their wedding photography prices are in your ballpark.

All of which means one thing, it's time to meet your potential photographer.

There is one very good reason why you want to do this - you need to make sure you gel with them

It sounds like common sense, I know, but I can't stress enough how important it is that you get on with your photographer at a basic level. Whoever you end up choosing is going to be spending a significant amount of time in and around you, the groom, the bridal party, family and guests on your wedding day. You need to make sure that you feel comfortable with the photographer you choose and meeting them is the best way to gauge this.

If you can't do a face-to-face meeting, then a phone call is the next best thing. For most of my destination weddings, I initially spoke with potential clients on the phone, only meeting them the day before the actual event. A phone call is harder for both parties, but when distance is an issue, it's the only way to go.

Before you meet your Christchurch wedding photographer, there are a couple of things you should do:

1. Make sure you are familiar with the wedding photographer's work

I know...stating the obvious. However, I once had a meeting with a potential client and it became quickly apparent that they had confused my wedding photography work with another photographer's work. So it can happen.

2. If you have questions floating around in your head, get them down on a piece of paper.

It's easy to get absorbed in conversation when you are meeting a photographer, so doing this simple steps means you don't forget to ask anything.

During your meeting a good wedding photographer will:

1. Listen to your wedding day plans

2. Provide input into how they see the photography working based on what you've requested

3. Explain how their packages work and how they can be customised to give you exactly what you want within your budget

4. Explain how and when you will receive your photos

5. Explain the book design process, your role in it and time frames

6. Provide you with a copy of wedding photography contract and answer any questions you may have about it

7. Explain how you can book their services

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