Christchurch Wedding Photographer - Hot Tip #3 Pricing

This post is the last in three tips geared to help you find a Christchurch wedding photographer. The first post - Hot Tips #1 The Photos - was about what to look for when viewing a photographer's work. The second post - Hot Tips #2 The Photographer - was about how to gauge a photographer's personality from their web site and why this even matters. In this last post, I'll touch on wedding photography pricing and some things you may not have thought about.

You are Christchurch based and you've found yourself a Christchurch wedding photographer using Google. You like their wedding photography work and you've asked to see more than just their best of photos. You've read their About Me page and on the whole, they sound like a pretty decent person. The next thing to consider is their price.

With pricing there are three absolutes.

One, every bride and groom has a budget for photography.

Two, every wedding photographer has a minimum price that they charge, which they believe they can make a living from.

Three, like most things in life, you get what you pay for. Pay too little for a Christchurch wedding photographer and you may be disappointed by the results.

Christchurch wedding photographers fall into two camps with pricing. Some show all their packages online and some show their starting price. The reason some photographers don't show their packages online is they don't want other photographers - their competition - copying the packages they have on offer. Personally, I couldn't care less if another photographer lacks the business sense to work out their own pricing. What I'm interested in, is providing you - my potential client - with the information you need. Which is why my Christchurch wedding pricing is listed on my website.

When you click through to the photographer's pricing page, hopefully you won't reel back in shock at the prices their services start at. If the photographer's wedding prices are way out of your budget, then it's probably time to move onto wedding photographer number two. If the photographer's wedding prices are in the ball park of your budget, then it's a good time to drop them a line and arrange a time for a meeting.

If the photographer's wedding prices are a little out of your budget, but you just love their work and you know in your heart they are the photographer for you, then it may be time to consider your overall wedding budget and the decisions you've made about where your money is going. It may seem like a great idea to spend thousands on a wedding dress, but remember you only wear it once. Your photos on the other hand are one of the few tangible things you have after your wedding day apart from a new husband / wife (and maybe a hangover).

I'm a wedding photographer, so of course I'd say this - spend a little more on your wedding photography than other areas of your wedding budget. Because when it is all over, all you'll have to remind yourself of one of the most important days in your life is the photos.