Christchurch wedding photographer - Hot Tip #4 The Contract

Whether you are looking for a Christchurch wedding photographer like myself or a photographer further afield, when it comes time to book a photographer's services, it is imperative that you are presented with a contract. There are a number of reasons why you should expect a contract from your chosen photographer. These include:

1. Terms of Reference

A good wedding photography contract will state the obligations of both parties and the terms and conditions of doing business in easy to read English.

2. Photographer and Client Protection

A good wedding photography contract will be written fairly and provide protection to both parties.

3. Dispute Resolution

If there is a dispute between your good self and your Christchurch wedding photographer, the contract is the first place to look as it sets out the terms and conditions of doing business. This is a key reason for having a contract in place - it sets out the ground rules for both parties. If you have a dispute with a photographer and there isn't a contract in place, then you will have a hard time trying to find agreement on what was / wasn't agreed too.

4. Professionalism

With just about everyone calling themselves a photographer these days, it's easy to forget that photography is actually a true profession for many people. A profession in which some people have invested years' in developing their craft and honing their business skills. Bottom line: if you are a dealing with a professional photographer, you should be provided with a contract the moment you tell your photographer you want to book their services.

If you aren't presented with a contract along with an estimate or an invoice at the time of making your booking, I would be wary. Entering any business transaction without a contract in place is a slippery slope.

Generally speaking, most New Zealand photographers use the terms and conditions provided by either the New Zealand Institute of Professional Photographers or the Advertising and Illustrative Photographers Association.

Lastly, if you ever have a question about a wedding photography contract you are presented with, do take the time to ask your photographer your question. All wedding photographers who provide a contract with an estimate or invoice should be able to clearly explain any of the terms included in their contractual paperwork.

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