Christchurch wedding photographer - Hot Tip #7 Book Early

christchurch wedding photographerChristchurch wedding photographer - Hot Tip #7 Book Early There is a lot of advice floating around in cyberspace around wedding planning, what you should do and when. Some of it is good and some of it not so good.

Case in point.

I was reading a wedding planning site the other day and it advised that couples should start looking for a wedding photographer six-months out. As a Christchurch wedding photographer and a destination wedding photographer I would say this isn't early enough.


Well, there is only one of me and there is a finite number of weekends over summer. I'm not sure why, but November 2013 is already filling with wedding bookings and only last week I turned away a wedding inquiry for a date in November this year.

If this leaves you wondering when you should book your wedding photographer, I would say as soon as you have decided to get married. So if you have made that decision and your big day is eighteen-months away, find your photographer and book them.

If you've decided to get married and your big day is only a month away, stop reading this - right now! - find your wedding photographer and book them!

If the wedding photographer you want is not available, ask them for a recommendation. If I'm already booked, I always recommend another Christchurch wedding photographer who I know and trust. Ditto for destination weddings in places like Rarotonga in the Cook Islands.

The earliest I have ever booked a wedding was Jenny and Justin's Thailand destination wedding in beautiful Koh Mak Island. Jenny contacted me some thirteen-months out and booked me the following week. The latest I have booked a wedding was one-week out.

The couple - Isabelle and Andreas - I actually met on the beach while photographing Jenny and Justin's wedding. Turns out they had eloped from Europe to Thailand for their wedding. That random encounter led to me photographing their very private wedding two-weeks later in the heart of Bangkok. It's funny how I meet clients sometimes.

The take home message: if you have decided to get married and you want a wedding photographer, don't delay in finding your photographer and booking them. Wait too long and your wedding photographer may have already taken another booking.

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