Christchurch Wedding Dance

Christchurch Wedding Dance The day before Ruth and Mike's wedding at Ferrymead Heritage Park, I stopped by to have a look at the venue and get a feel for the layout of the place. This is something I always do when I haven't photographed a particular wedding venue before. Not only does it give me a feel for the place, it helps me understand how I should get to a venue, where I should park, how far it is from the car park to the main venue, what the light is doing at certain times of the day etc...

When I entered the wedding reception venue and saw the amazing lanterns lining the ceiling, I knew they would make great graphic elements in a photo. Though I wasn't sure what the photo would be exactly, I filed it in my mind as a 'must get' shot.

The next night as the lights were dimmed and Ruth and Mike began their first wedding dance, the shot I had been thinking about materialised.

I crouched down to make the background the lantern covered ceiling. I switched off my flash and exposed for the ambient (available) light. As there was so little light and what light there was, was coming from behind Ruth and Mike, it made them silhouettes, which is what I wanted. Lastly, given dancing can be relatively fast moving and I was shooting at a lowish shutter speed (1/60th of a second), I waited patiently for Ruth and Mike to slow down in their dance. Once they did, I captured this image.

It is one of my favourite images from the evening. View the rest of the photos from Ruth and Mike's Wedding at Ferrymead Heritage Park, Christchurch. Thomas.

Christchurch wedding dance

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