I'm back in the Christchurch Wedding Photography Business.

Christchurch wedding with Michelle and Tony.Last year while my wife Jane and I travelled overland from Istanbul Turkey to Shanghai China, I thought a lot about the new direction I wanted my Christchurch wedding photography business to go. Back in Christchurch at year end, I set about making the changes I needed to make. They included:

1. A complete rebranding of my marketing collateral

2. A new web site with a layout that supported my visual story telling capabilities

3. A complete new lineup of pre-set wedding packages

4. Sourcing a new book maker for my wedding day books

5. A complete re-edit of all my wedding work

Plus a hundred other little things that go into getting one's brand just right.

Huge thanks to my new graphic designer, Martine Ribotton. I found Martine's amazing work on display at the end of year show held at CPIT in Christchurch. Martine's strong typography work was just the sort of thing I was looking for, so I didn't hesitate in giving her a call with my branding requirements. While this was her first job out of college, Martine delivered on my requirements and I'd gladly recommend her.

Big thanks too, to my brother-in-law Nick. Nick has nearly a decades experience with web site builds. Long conversations with Nick really helped me ensure that my site content and structure is scalable and future proof, something which is so important in the web space. Thanks bro, couldn't have done it without you.

If you aren't familiar with my work, then make sure you check out my wedding work. As for the person typing these words, read My Story to learn more about me.

If you like my work and are after a Christchurch wedding photographer, then reach out and connect. I'd be happy to have you over for a pot of fresh tea and a chat about your wedding day plans.